Q. How do I get a game?
A. Go to – find a teacher or somebody you wish to play; message them on Facebook to arrange the date, time, server etc. Remember people are busy and all our teachers are volunteers, so please be courteous.

Q. If somebody asks me for a game do I have to play them?
A. We ask that members do their best to play whenever possible, obviously if it’s not possible then you do not have to play.

Q. What do the terms DDK, SDK, Kyu and Dan mean?
A. These are ranking levels, Dan players are the ‘black belt’ players; dan ranking start at 1 dan and the higher the number the stronger the player. Kyu players are heading towards a Dan rank; kyu rankings start around 20 kyu with the strongest being 1 kyu. SDK means single digit kyu (1 kyu to 9 kyu) and DDK means double digit kyu (10 kyu and weaker).

Q. When I have a teaching game how is the handicap decided?
A. It is decided between you and your teacher. Note: The aim of these games is to teach people and help them improve. Even games are good for understanding the strategic aspects of the game, whilst handicap games test reading and fighting skills. Think about what aspect of your game you want to improve and whether an even game or a handicap game would be better suited to meet that goal.

Q. Do I have to pay for anything?
A. There is no financial cost to joining or being a member. The organisers give their time freely to manage the web site, play teaching games, and register new members. If you want to help, please ask.

Q. What if I have a good idea for the club?
A. Post it in the Facebook group – it may be acceptable, it may not, but the only way you will find out is to ask the club organisers and the members.

Q. Can I invite other Australian players to join?
A. Yes, just direct them to the web site. Make sure they read through the home page, about us, and privacy pages. They can then join via the join us page.

Q. Does a teaching game always result in a video being posted on Facebook.
A. No, but teachers are trying to help more than just the person in front of them when they play a teaching game, so they are likely to want to post a video. If you don’t want that, please talk to your teacher ahead of the game.

Q. Do I have to do a video review of a game with another member?
A. It is your choice, we like to encourage players to review and publish their game, but realise that sometimes people may not want to do so.

Q. Do I have to use for the review and video?
A. No, any teleconference facility will do so long as you can share the screen and record a video of the review (see comment above about videos).

Q. How do I find out what a video is about?
A. Go to the Video link in the Facebook group and move your mouse over each video – there is a short description of the game/topic and the level of the commentary.

Q. Is there a dispute resolution process to resolve issues between players?
A. Yes, there is a Board of Directors who can resolve matters between members if the need arises. For example, if a player does not abide by the club rules then they could be removed from the Facebook group. We rather hope that players will behave in a civilised and respectful manner and there will be no disputes.

Q. Is there an appeal process if I don’t like the Board of Directors decision?
A. No, the decision of the Board is final.

Q. Who are the Board of Directors?
A. David Mitchell, James Kaaden, Michael Hyde, Xin Lei, Cary Jin, Daniel Li & Cindy Xu. These are the people who founded the club, they represent the major Go playing population of Australia and all of them have put a lot of hours into forming the club.

Q. Do I have to join the AGA?
A. No, AGA membership is not mandatory, you are free to play in the club have lessons and do whatever you wish. Having said that, if you wish to support Go in Australia then the $10 per year is not a lot to invest. You can register by clicking here.