Over the past 6 months we have been discussing ways to help people and to raise funds to help continue the “Live Lessons” beyond August 2021.

One of our key aims is to create a financial base that continues over the years and does not rely on donations.  To this end I have started compiling a series of TsumeGo books which are on sale for anybody anywhere with all the profits being donated to the Australian Go Association. The content and authors of books will grow over time but for now we are working on TsumeGo.

To avoid administration issues with the AGA, the AGA committee has requested I sell the books and donate the profits to the AGA.

The first series of books are called “Diabolical”.  These are very hard TsumeGo problems that will challenge any strong Go player.

ISBN 978-0-6450765-0-9 available at Booktopia or your favorite on-demand publisher.

ISBN 978-0-6450765-1-6 available at Booktopia or your favourite on-demand publisher.